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Agency Motorsports was founded in 2003 by car enthusiasts who enjoy working with vehicles. We specialize mainly in Nissan vehicles, but are knowledgeable in all vehicles and its mechanics.

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Name Jasper Jensen
Comments Horrific experience! I had ordered just over $1600.00 in car parts that was supposed to be shipped in 5-7 days so after two weeks I called wondering where my parts are. Thus began the many rounds I would play with them. They said they were moving buildings so it would take a little longer and there were somethings they were still waiting for to come in i asked about when they should show up to them and be on there way to me and they quoted me about two weeks. Two weeks later same thing, they had a new date for things to be shipped. I called back on the new date looking for a tracking number just to be given a later date again! Two months later I had it with them! They don't even answer their phone durring business hours some days! What kind of business practices is this?! Very unsatisfactory, and after the two month the most for reinbursement they said they would see if they can take off shipping costs. Bad form...
Date 2010-07-21
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Name RS13
Comments Yes horrible place super scetchy getto people do not order from them!
Date 2010-11-27
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