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Online source for information regarding vehicle and auto charity programs and tax implications in every state. More info ...
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Erskine has provided nursing and medical care for former members of our Armed Forces since being founded in 1916. Through two world wars and the more recent conflicts and peace keeping initiatives of the twentieth and twenty first centuries we rebuild shattered lives, restore dignity and provide first class care to ex-Service men and women both young and old who have been the cornerstones on which Erskine has built an unrivalled reputation.More info ...
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Ruth Parasol is a member of Bonita Trust Advisory Board. She also established DeLeon Family Care Project. Her philanthropic contributions through family care project & Bonita include charitable grants to tackle family, health, education and cultural issues. More info ...
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Pros and cons of controversial issues from a nonpartisan nonprofit public charity. Read thousands of sourced quotes from top experts on important social topics.More info ...
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Care for Contraband is one of the major suppliers of promotional & fundraising products for charities. They supply personalized and printed fundraising packs for charity events such as charity collection boxes, soft toys, personalised clothings and much more.More info ...
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At GrantLinks our mission is to help non profit organizations, churches, small businesses and individuals with grant research and writing services. Whether you need a grant to fund new programs, start your business or start or further your education, we have you covered!More info ...
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Are you looking to volunteer abroad? Here at Original Volunteers we have a wide selection of volunteering opportunities for you to choose from.More info ...
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Bonita Trust sponsors various local charity raising events. The aim of this sponsorship is to raise funds for charities & bring together the community to achieve worthy goals. Visit for more informationMore info ...
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ADRRN is an asian disaster management community to promote coordination, information sharing and collaboration among NGOs and other stakeholders for effective and efficient disaster reduction and response in the Asia-Pacific region. For more information about ADRRN (Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network) visit our website now!More info ...
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Mycarhelps is an organization helps you in helping others by arranging things for automobile donation, car donation, auto auction, truck donation and car auction. More info ...
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Owned by Len Blavatnik, Access Industries is a U.S.-based industrial group. Learn about Len Blavatnik, charities like the Blavatnik Family Foundation and Access Industries.More info ...
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The FLIP project encourages local students to become involved in communal & charitable giving in Gibraltar. Visit for more information.More info ...
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